In Papel Plast Pack, S.L. we manufacture 100% biodegradable and recyclable products thanks to the use of a special additive that forms colonies of bacteria that are be able to converting the polymer chain to CO2, H2O and biomass.

We certify that our products are 100% biodegradable and recyclable and not oxodegradable -- they don’t contain heavy metals, they are suitable for food contact, processing 100% of the plastic polymer converting it into CO2, H20 and biomass

The process

phases of biodegradation

It can be carried out in different environmental media:

    - Aerobic environmental media (There is presence of oxygen).
    - Anaerobic environmental media (There isn’t presence of oxygen).
    - Sewage water.
    - Marine waters.

The time

of the biodegradation process

Will depend on a series of factors such as:

    - Humidity.
    - Temperature.
    - Level of microorganisms.
    - Thickness of the product.


most significant

    - The products have a lower price compared to compostable products.
    - Greater resistance to high temperatures compared to the PLA that only holds 40º, which gives better storage conditions.
    - It is also biodegraded under composting conditions.
    - It is compatible with polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and IML products.
    - They are totally recyclable products.

In conclusion, with the manufacture of biodegradable products we contribute to improve the existing problem of the great generation of plastic waste, getting benefits such as improving air quality, reducing waste; soil rich in nutrients, promotion of biodiversity etc.


The comprehensive range of Paper Plast products meets different market needs in line with the required quality levels. In this way, helping you to find the most suitable products for every occasion and budget.

Our product range is presented in several product lines which are noteworthy due to their Economy and Profitability, Design and Functionality, Hygiene and Safety, Environmental focus and in particular due to their Quality.