Looking for synergies in china: cantón fair 2019

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Once again, the commercial management team of PAPEL PLAST PACK, S.L. commitment to sustainable manufacturing of products related to the sector.

In this case, our goal is China. Specifically, the Canton Fair (China Import and Export Fair). A large general international trade meeting in China that has a larger size, more complete varieties of exhibited items, with participants from broader countries and regions and better transaction results from the Country.

The Canton Fair improves the commercial connection between China and the world. It is the best platform for Chinese companies to explore the international market and an exemplary basis for implementing China's strategies for the growth of foreign trade.

More than 25,000 exhibitors and an attendance of more than 200,000 buyers, without a doubt, are very important data that we do not overlook and that indicate that we are on the right path to strengthen our green production based on synergies of international trade with China.

From PAPEL PLAST PACK, SL, we know the importance of implanting, little by little, an intelligent manufacturing model composed of a greener development and linked to a strong cooperation with China which makes us remain firm with our commitment to fight for a better world.