New product: CUP CLAP clip


New product: CUP CLAP clip

At PAPEL PLAST PACK, S.L release a new reusable product, CUP CLAP clip.

This clip is characterized by being a universal piece, adapting to any cup format. This product is addressed to all audiences, and it can be used in both public (meeting, popular celebration, popular festivities ) or private (birthday, family meeting), environment.

From papel plast pack, we cannot be more satisfied by the result obtained. Certainly an achievement that further supports our own sustainable and controlled manufacture.

The main advantages of using our clip:

1. Reducing waste
Without doubt, the most relevant advantage with which we manage to reuse a high percentage of the cups consumed. Once again, we put our philosophy of sustainable manufacturing into practice by making our constant commitment to the environment more visible.

At Papel Plast Pack our products evolve by reducing the environmental impact and adapting to the demands of our society.

2. Customization
Our clip offers 100% customization, becoming a powerful marketing tool. Differentiate with your own brand and/or design, and/or choosing the color that you like the assortment that we propose (black, green, red, blue and yellow).

New product CUP CLAP clip, reusable, versatile and customizable.